Blogging Like a Hacker

After much procrastination, I have finally gotten down to creating a Jekyll blog. I've previously used Posterous (which was awfully slow) and Tumblr (which was awfully web-based and mainstream). I've had this name since the Blogspot days.

With a new year comes new beginnings. So now, thanks to the wonderful people at GitHub and mojombo, I present to you the brand new Blind Alley Graffiti!

There are a number of reasons why I'd want a statically generated blog, the first being having more control over the customizability and ownership of the site compared to a cloud-based service that is always undergoing constant maintenance. Everything is also stored in a Git repository which means I can experiment all I want and can easily backup my assets. Also, because of this portability, I can simply deploy my site on any host or server. If GitHub ever goes down, at least I have a local backup ready to deploy at anytime. The site is extremely lightweight and GitHub provides GitHub Pages which is incredibly easy to use to host a site. This allows me to have my mind at ease on a ton of the nitty-gritty stuff and focus on writing great blog posts.

Many thanks to all my "beta testers" Ming Han, Lucas, Christina and Jim who helped me in critiquing the design of the site. Thanks to all the kind folks who hosted their blogs on GitHub so that I can learn the workings of a Jekyll site as well as gain inspiration from your blog designs. Special thanks to Jason for helping a noob out with CSS. This exercise was really helpful and a ton of fun. I learnt the frustrations of building something responsive with media queries as well as cool and simple open source tools like Skeleton and Jekyll. I still have much to learn.